Greetings my beautiful people, today i have an important message for you today. I have already express how important it is to start re-building our nation. To start supporting one another, build each other up and love one another. In my opinion, it is imperative that we help heal our mothers, sisters, female feminine, gender, XX, this is the key to heal the men and heal the world. Women are the reason we all exist. We are the creators of everything. In order for all of us to heal we must help heal the women first. It’s so simple ,as a husband, brother, friend you have the power to make sure that all your thoughts and energy are pure and positive when dealing with any feminine. My brothers I know that you all need much love and healing as well, if you help the source, then in return you are helping to heal yourself. My brothers, you have to change how you react and treat women as together. Its so simple to pay intentions to her needs when she needs love, caring and nurturing. You will be surprise how much easier things will be, when you change your whole thought process on how you treat your feminine. For so long so many of us have been condition to treat and react to each other just like our parents showed us. Women have been conditioned to always be strong and take on harder roll at times. Religion has taught us that women are to be shamed and stoned for being expressive, and had to keep quiet in the back somewhere. Images now a days that tell women they have to be this size, and have a certain hair color, and wear these types of clothes. Not realizing that we are all unique in our own special way, and living in the image thats in their dna. Its important to teach our daughters to love themselves as they are. And not the image they see on tv everyday. My sisters its also on you to help heal your own selves. You have to take time for you and really get into your own self before you can make anybody else happy. Water, proper diet, exercise and journaling are things that help you if you are going through any hard times. We all need to help each heal and love self more. I definitely want to take a moment tell all my sister that I have created a cruise event on January 25, 2019  for the sole purpose of healing sisters. Its a Womb Healing Retreat that will be in the Bahamas for 3 days. I want to begin with helping my sisters, mothers, aunties, friends, the best way i know how. I know that is so important for me to share way that i know th help women heal from in past trauma in there lives. And do my best now to get them back to that true divine goddess that they are. My quote of the day~~~ My sisters, heal yourself, find your divine self, know yourself, correct yourself, see yourself, love yourself, be yourself and respect yourself. I love you,~ Love Bastat~

For mor information about womb healing retreat, please call me 3136033254 or email at thenaturalgoddess3x3@gmail.com or just drop comment with email address. Thank you for taking the time to hear what I have to say for today. And dont for get if you make a comment and drop your email address in will response with 20% coupon off your purchase;)

Greeting beautiful people and welcome to the Divinely Natural DNA blog. Thanks for taking a moment and listen while i share my thoughts. Today i want to talk about why do we hold on to hurt and anger? Whatever the situation is, you have to learn to forgive those and YOUR SELF and move on. All my life I’ve been around people that really didn’t like me, that would gossip about me, had secret agendas or just seek to do me wrong for pass mistakes, family and friends. I would still go around these people being naive in hopes that they would become agreeable with the way am I now. They were still was holding on to things I did years ago. I have learned to do my best to make things rights and to let go of any ill thoughts or feelings that was not helping me grow. Im not able to fix every wrong thing I have done in my life,  however as I got older I knew If I did something wrong, it was my responsibility to make them right. This concept is so simple and easy. I have learned to love myself more and not hold on to my own past mistakes. For a long time I couldn’t get over things that I’ve done, causing my own pain and grief. As a mature, I realized in order for me to grow I have make sure i KEEP toxic thoughts and people away from me. Maturity is learning how to walk away from situations that could cause chaos to your self worth. I’m so happy and blessed that I took my power back and took control over my life, and now I’m living my very best life. Hope you are too. I always like to drop on of my favorite quotes to help you with getting you to your best self. ” Whatever is bringing you down get rid of it. Because you will find that when you’re free, your true creativity, your true self comes out.” – Tina Turner

Peace and Love ~Bastat

Greetings beautiful people, my name is Bastat welcome to Divinely Natural DNA blog page. This is a place of enlightenment and positivity. Im just here to inform you on things that’s important to me and for you. My expertise are health, fitness, beauty, and travel. TODAY I want to talk about my mindset, and how important it is to evolve.

I live the exact life I want and its ABSOLUTELY the greatest blessing on this planet. I wake up at 8am, drink alkaline water, then read a couple of chapters in whatever book I’m reading. This month is about about healing for me so at the moment Im reading Queen Afua, A Guide to Healing The Feminine Body, Mind, and Soul. Then i take another hour on my own personal studies, nuwaupuyee language,(language of the gods)and other scrolls, books on bettering myself. I read all types of books by different authors, mostly scrolls by Malachi Z. York. I do quite a lot of reading, at least about 2-3 books at a time. Then, Im going over my childrens curriculum for school, I home school my children so this is time takes up most of the day. After school, a walk to the park, they play, I work out for about an hour. Then we all mediate is the sun in our faces, so happy and peaceful. We might do a movie, go out to dinner, shop, its whatever we want. Then back home where we have dinner, we play a game (scramble, our favorite), might watch a movie, or we all are on our phones, YouTube, Instagram, games, only for a certain amount of time. Then by 9pm we chant, then off to bed around 10pm sometimes later. BOTTOM LINE, I get to spend mostly all my time with my children in a peaceful, positive, loving environment 24/7. This has been my dream since ive had children. My dream as long as i can remember is to be able to do what I want and when I want with my children. To be able to travel and learn all day, every day.  I work for myself and I wouldn’t have it no other way. No i will NOT work for anyone ever again! I work for myself and for my family!  In my mind we should all be  working for ourselves and in the process helping build one another up. We have be taught to pay for college, to work for other companies, and work for 30 and 40 years for someone else and build up their companies, instead of building your own empire and working for your self. ITS TIME TO RE-EVOLVE, know who you really are, take back your greatness, stand up. Just look at whats happening in the world, its so clear what the government and high seat officials want to do with us . When I say us, Im talking about, Indigenous, African, Nubian, people. People with melanin is there skin, please other races don’t get mad, facts are facts and truth is truth. They are killing us EVERY DAY and its time for a revolution. We need to RE-program our hole thought process. Re-build the Indigenous people up, support black business. Live for, one, and by one another. Pay attention to whats really going on around you. Stop digestion what being presented to you by media, television, religion. RE-ad and do your own research. My life is heaven on earth, Im mostly responsible for every that goes inside my children’s minds, for the most part. Getting them ready the right way to able to go out into the world and survive. Its time for us to RE-think, RE-program, RE-evlove!! Im Bastat Em Hatat Harartat, by DNA IAM Divine. Im intelligent,magically, loving, excellent, happy and always evolving welcome to my world. I hope you can open your mind and consider the possibility that i present. Once you are awake, there’s no going back!! I will end with one of my favorite quotes from my family. ” May your spirit live, may you spend millions of years, you who love your ancestors, sitting with your face to the north wind, your eyes beholding happiness.” -Tut Anhk Amun