New Beginings/The Journey0

Greetings and welcome to Divinely Natural DNA, my name is Nysuttat Bastat Em Hatat Harartat and I thank your for taking some time to actually read my blog. Today I would like to talk about my new beginnings. I’ve always loved March its one of my favorite months. It is the time when nature is starting to come out of a sleep state into this immaculate beautiful playground for every one to enjoy. I would like to share a story with you, a short story about my beautiful healing journey.

In the beginning,

Its been about 2 years since I’ve been on my  healing journey and I’ve finally excepted ALL of me. Hard core healing with professional therapy, detoxing my body, fasting, and reading self healing books, I’ve have finally accepted who i am. Im now in my thirties, i have broken free from poisonous cycles that has been passed down to me. Learning to be a righteous, respectful, divine feminine was no easy task since I wasn’t taught by my mother to do so. Not blaming my mom, just stating facts. Growing up with a loving single mother, that didn’t fight back when being PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY ABUSED will hex your life until adulthood. From childhood trauma, to depression, to toxic relationships with narcissistic men, and then for many years I was still repeating negative cycles, using men, not loving NOR respecting myself.  After all the layers upon layers of self destruction behavior, I was scared, and scared of my own power, scared of change, and was to FOCUSED on what other people thought about me. I was letting peoples opinions control me.

I’ve learned to focus on what i needed to pull my self BACK into my divine self. “I finally overstood myself only AFTER I destroyed myself, and only in the process of FIXING myself, did I know who I really was”. (-unknown) I took the REAL necessary steps to take the time to go within myself and find out what who i was, what i really wanted and how to love myself. The keys was so simple for me, like an epiphany. This type of work is a full time job and it got hard when I had to face my truth, and face myself. Its still a constant mind set of forgiveness of yourself, an abundance of self love and acceptance. I opened my heart up to my own self and now it over flows with love.

In the new beginning…..

I say all this to reveal, that no matter your situation, status, race or gender you have to reach down deep to find and listen to your divine self. Once you release whatever it is that’s been holding you back, its all new beginnings from that moment on out and, and your divine self is in full affect.  I had to change my whole thought process. NOW, the way I love and care for myself is with divine love, and the way I treat people is with divine love. The way you treat yourself should always be in the highest form of love. Being in a place where I am healed and I feel tremendously confident about who I am, is the best feeling in the world. NOW, I have a brand new mindset, brand new attitude, and brand new me. Change your mind so you can begin your journey. I hope this story inspires you love yourself more and to keep going, growing for your best self. Truly and factually know that I want the best for you and I have divine love for you. I’m here to help people learn how to love. ~Love Bastat

“You cant change wind nor the sea, just the direction of the sail.” ~Dr. Malachi Z. York