Sleep Soundly Essential Oil 1 oz


Sleep Soundly Essential Oil

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Soothe yourself to sleep and reduce symptoms of insomnia with this essential oil blend. Made with a calming blend of sweet orange, mandarin, cedarwood, and lavender essential oils. These oils work together to: – Reduce insomnia, – Relieve stress, – Reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, – Improve your mood, – Alleviate nausea or motion sickness, – Reduce coughing and congestion, – Regulate menstruation in women, – Repel bugs. To experience the benefits of the oil, you can simply inhale the fragrance from the bottle, add a few drops to your bath, burn the oil in an oil burner or diffuser, or add it to a lotion which you can then apply to your body. This therapeutic blend is a great way to unwind before a good night’s sleep or a nap.

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Weight .19 oz