Let go and GROW0

Greeting beautiful people and welcome to the Divinely Natural DNA blog. Thanks for taking a moment and listen while i share my thoughts. Today i want to talk about why do we hold on to hurt and anger? Whatever the situation is, you have to learn to forgive those and YOUR SELF and move on. All my life I’ve been around people that really didn’t like me, that would gossip about me, had secret agendas or just seek to do me wrong for pass mistakes, family and friends. I would still go around these people being naive in hopes that they would become agreeable with the way am I now. They were still was holding on to things I did years ago. I have learned to do my best to make things rights and to let go of any ill thoughts or feelings that was not helping me grow. Im not able to fix every wrong thing I have done in my life,ย  however as I got older I knew If I did something wrong, it was my responsibility to make them right. This concept is so simple and easy. I have learned to love myself more and not hold on to my own past mistakes. For a long time I couldn’t get over things that I’ve done, causing my own pain and grief. As a mature, I realized in order for me to grow I have make sure i KEEP toxic thoughts and people away from me. Maturity is learning how to walk away from situations that could cause chaos to your self worth. I’m so happy and blessed that I took my power back and took control over my life, and now I’m living my very best life. Hope you are too. I always like to drop on of my favorite quotes to help you with getting you to your best self. ” Whatever is bringing you down get rid of it. Because you will find that when you’re free, your true creativity, your true self comes out.” – Tina Turner

Peace and Love ~Bastat